YI Nightscape DashCam



. Best In Class Night VisionThe Nightscape car dash camera is built to thrive in low light conditions. We've partnered with Sony to integrate their STARVIS sensor into the Nightscape dash cam. The camera is sensitive to a wider range of visible light bordering on the near-infrared range to support filming at night.Capacitor Dash Cam – Made for Modern LifestylesGive batteries the boot and liberate your power supply and dash cam's potential. The Nightscape builds upon YI's acclaimed camera and AI technologies to bring you the ultimate modern dash cam solution. The Nightscape can operate in temperatures beyond your average dash camera. This means that even in extreme conditions ranging from -22°F to 185°F you can count on your Nightscape to capture every moment.Wireless Connection – Flawless NavigationExperience a dash cam that makes your life easier. Use our accompanying app to seamlessly integrate the Nightscape with any smartphone or tablet device. The cameras built-in Wi-Fi connection lets you quickly download view share and back-up dash cam's footage directly to your device. You can view adjust and change settings easily with a tap of your finger on the camera's 2.4" LCD screen.The Right Field of View – Crystal Clear OpticsKeep all eyes on the road and experience your world in full HD with exceptionally detailed recordings in crystal clear 1080P. The Nightscape dash cam is meticulously engineered with six high quality internal F1.8 glass lenses that provide greater light sensitivity superior focus and high precision optics. Observe and be able to view everything important with precision lenses capable of capturing an ultra-wide 140° field of view.All New Sleek DesignRide in style and stay inspired with an elegant aesthetic that draws on minimalist design elements and the best in modern tech instrumentation. Featuring smooth curves and a matte black textured finish it discreetly fits in and blends seamlessly with your car's dashboard. More than just a gadget – it's a virtual memory bank for everything you do and everywhere you go on the road.Most Intelligent Dash Camera on the RoadKeep yourself and your passengers protected with enhanced safety through the power of AI. The Nightscape dash cam features Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) integration that makes use of various safeguards to minimize the potential for human error while driving.Ready When You Are – Easy to UseThe Nightscape is made for easy setup and is ready to go in 5 minutes or less. Simply plug and play – you'll be ready to go at all times. The Nightscape plugs into your car USB charger port and draws power directly from the vehicle. No extra steps or planning required.YI Dash Camera AppConnect your Nightscape Dash Camera directly to your smartphone using the YI Dash Camera App. The App features a user-friendly layout for an intuitive experience. You can review your recorded footage and share it with friends or family with the tap of a button. All products made by YI technology come with lifetime technical support. KEY FEATURES . SONY STARVIS PRECISE NIGHT VISION IN FULL HD100% BATTERY-FREEBUILT-IN WI-FISLEEK TECH DESIGNCrystal Clear Optics. .