YouGarden Apple ‘cox’s Orange Pippin’ Tree 90-110Cm Tall In 5L Pot


YouGarden Apple ‘cox’s Orange Pippin’ Tree 90-110Cm Tall In 5L Pot Shop Cheap Low Cost Garden & Leisure & More at Appliance Deals. Fast Delivery on All Electricals. Shop & Save Today.

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YouGarden Apple ‘cox’s Orange Pippin’ Tree 90-110Cm Tall In 5L Pot

This delicious variety is widely regarded as being the tastiest of all apples. It is perfect for growing in the UK and produces fabulous crops of its medium-sized, golden-red fruits that can be picked from September onwards. The fruits will look great on the tree as well as in your fruit bowl, and each one is tantalisingly crisp to bite into, with complex, sweet and tangy juice. Perfect for eating straight from the tree, ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ is highly versatile, so you can make your own excellent cider and juice or use your harvest to make preserves and chutneys. First grown in the 1820s, this brilliant all-around wi er is nearly 200 years old and still as popular as ever. Best of all, you will save tons of money by growing your own instead of buying them from the shops, and, of course, they will taste so much better. Specifications Availability: September to April Planting time: October to April Flowering time: April to May Fruiting time: September to October Supplied as an established tree, 90-110 cm (3-3½ ft) tall in a 5L pot, ready to plant out Top Tips Keep well watered, and if growing in a pot, use a good quality, soil-based compost. Add Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi to the roots when planting to help establish your tree more quickly. Place your tree in a su y position for the best crops. Care Information Apply a slow-release fertiliser such as blood, fish and bone, in early spring, and mulch to retain moisture. Water regularly, and don’t let the soil dry out if planted in pots. Established trees don’t require radical pruning – just take off any diseased, dying and damaged branches in late winter. Look at the overall shape and aim for an open structure of branches and remove any that cross over so they don’t damage each other. Shop amazing garden deals right here at Appliance Deals. We check deals online everyday to ensure you always get the best deals available. We check the likes of Homebase, AO, Currys, Robert Dyas, Wickes & many more to ensure you never pay over the odds. Keep your Home & Garden looking great with our amazing offers.

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