YouGarden Pair Of Yellow Bamboo Plants 80-100Cm Tall


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YouGarden Pair Of Yellow Bamboo Plants 80-100Cm Tall

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Spectabilis has long, slender yellow stems which form strange zig-zag patterns as they grow, providing a real interesting twist and instant impact. Not only that the stems have beautifully contrasting red highlights when grown in the sun. They will form attractive clumps, and due to their height are ideal for screening or dividing areas of your garden. Keep plants in check by growing them in pots they will add great impact in large patio containers. Very hardy, they will need very little care, so they are perfect for busy gardeners. Just make sure your plants are well watered in summer don’t let them dry out if you’re growing yours in a pot. Specifications Availability: All year roundPlanting time: All year round Attractive, tall, evergreen plant, with slender yellow stems and green leaves. Totally hardy and already potted to give you an instant display in your garden. As the plants establish they grow in clumps and are ideal for screening or dividing areas. Planted into pots on the patio they will provide impact and interest, rustling in the breeze. Supplied as 2 x Yellow Bamboo plants 80-100cm tall in 2 litre pots Top Tips Best planted in spring so that the food reserves in the rhizome are used to produce a good flush of fresh canes in summer. Care Information Before planting, dig over the ground and add well-rotted manure or garden compost. Dig a planting hole so that the rootball sits slightly lower, with 2-3cm (1in) of soil covering the original surface Backfill the hole, taking care not to damage the young rhizomes, then water and mulch. Water regularly and ensure that bamboo plants in containers do not dry out even in winter as the foliage is prone to wind scorch. Give a high nitrogen feed in spring and apply a balanced fertiliser through the rest of the growing season until late August. New bamboo plants can be contained within a physical barrier to prevent them spreading through beds and borders. Divide the bamboo every couple of years. In spring, remove any weak, dead, damaged or spindly canes, cutting them to ground level with secateurs or loppers, at the same time remove any debris at the base of clumps. Smaller bamboos are ideal grown in a container at least 45cm (18in) across. In very cold weather, insulate containers with bubble wrap or move them to frost-free conditions. Shop amazing garden deals right here at Appliance Deals. We check deals online everyday to ensure you always get the best deals available. We check the likes of Homebase, AO, Currys, Robert Dyas, Wickes & many more to ensure you never pay over the odds. Keep your Home & Garden looking great with our amazing offers.

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