Zibro LC-DX320 3.1kW NF Laser Paraffin Heater


Zibro LC-DX320 3.1kW NF Laser Paraffin Heater
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Zibro LC-DX320 3.1kW NF Laser Paraffin Heater

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Zibro LC-DX320 3.1kW NF Laser Paraffin Heater

THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BUT PLEASE SEE THIS SIMILAR ALTERNATIVE –  LC-30   This Zibro LC-DX320 heater can heat up a volume up to 120 m³, which makes it an ideal, highly efficient and economical space heater. It features a 24-hour programmable timer and integrated thermostat controller to maintain desired room temperature. It offers 5 cycle burning mode (High – Med High – Med – Med Low – Low). The LCD display allows you to monitor and keep track of all important heater functions. Once the heater has run 2 hours consecutively, the automatic cleaning mode will start to clean the combustion chamber of the burner for 5 minutes. The heater is provided with a removable fuel tank with a capacity of 7.6 litress. The heater is equipped with a tip over switch, ignition safety device, burning control device, safety device for power outage, High limit switch / overheat protector, Flame rod / Burner thermistor for incomplete combustion. On top this heater is provided with a built in CO2 sensor, which will measure the CO2 level in the room, not exceeding 1 % otherwise heater will shut off automatically, to have the room ventilated first. The featured New SAVE mode will permit the user to maintain the set temperature in the room without considerable variation. This system saves up to 8 % of fuel consumption. Also it will serve as an anti-freeze setting in colder places. When the fuel tank is almost empty, the display will show that the tank has to be refilled within 10 minutes. By activating the extension operation mode, the time to refill can be extended to approximately 60 minutes. During start up / ignition of the heater and in case room temperature is 5 degrees C lower than the set temperature, the heater will give 10 % more power during the first 5 minutes after ignition, in order to obtain set temperature more rapidly.

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