Zibro RC-270 2.7kW Wick Double Burner Paraffin Heater RC270


Zibro RC-270 2.7kW Wick Double Burner Paraffin Heater RC270
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Zibro RC-270 2.7kW Wick Double Burner Paraffin Heater RC270

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Zibro RC-270 2.7kW Wick Double Burner Paraffin Heater RC270

NF Wick Zibro Heater RC270 used for the whole home or supplemental heater for Energy Efficiency, CE & NF Approved, CO2 Sensor, Cool top technology, Low Smell Double Burner, Wick Life Extender, Very quiet in operation, Triple Safety Flame Out, Japanese Built.- RS-30   This heater can be installed without wires and without exhaust pipes. This makes it a very convenient heating source. Suitable for room volumes up to 95m3.  TOYOTOMI’s state of the art Double Clean® Chamber System maximizes fuel combustion and reduces unwanted emission gases to ultimate safety level. The TOYOTOMI heater has 99.99% heat efficiency with Infrared-ray heating. The heater is easy to operate, simply by turning the main dial to the right and push the igniter button, activating the ‘pumpa’ piezo element. This heater is equipped with a E-Guard air quality control system. The customer is informed when additional ventilation is desired. The heater will be switched off when the room is not ventilated sufficiently. It offers intense heating output up to 2,7 kW and by adjusting flame height you can reach a minimum mode of 2,50 kW. TOYOTOMI’s original patented design. It helps maintain good wick performance and extends useful wick life. It is also easy to ignite and low running cost with less fuel. A convenient removable fuel tank and a handy syphon comes with the heater. The fuel tank is equipped with a anti-leakage valve which prevents leakage even when the tank is held upside down without the tank cap. There are 3 extinguishing methods on the RC-270E By retracting the wick. By pushing emergency button. Automatic shut-off is activated when the heater is bumped into, or in the event of a tip-over (earthquake safety device).   “WARRANTY IS INVALID IF CHEAP PARAFIN IS USED. CALDO IS RECOMMENDED AND WILL KEEP THE WARRANTY VALID”

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